My running journey continues...

For many years my athletic career had an end date: Rio 2016. My main goal in this sport was to run an Olympic marathon. This was my childhood dream since the first day I showed up to practice at my hometown track in Venezuela. I was 15 and incredibly fortunate to cross paths with one of the best Venezuelan distance coaches. He coached the current Venezuelan National Record holder of 2:11:25. He saw me and told me I had the potential to become an Olympic marathoner. I’ve carried that confidence in my heart from that day forward.

Fast forward 10 years, many international competitions representing my country, an amazing College career for The University of Kentucky, and I find myself at the starting line of the XXI Olympic Games Marathon in Rio filled with happiness and pride, but also knowing that I was not ready for the dream to end.

Rewind back to November of last year when I visited Boulder, Colorado with my fiancé Hiruni and my Venezuelan teammate Marvin Blanco for an altitude stint. The experience I had was incredibly welcoming; from Addie’s tremendous kindness, to the amazing trails and introduction to Brad Hudson.

Brad is an incredibly knowledgeable coach. He has written several books about training and has spent his life coaching and studying some of the fastest US distance runners.  At first I was star struck but after a few minutes of hanging out with him and his group I knew he was not only an amazing coach but a great person too. After that month of training, I knew I wanted to come back to Boulder to train and be part of Hudson Elite.

Now, Hudson Elite got fast! Recruiting guys that have run sub 4 minute miles and sub 28:00 10ks - and everything in between. As soon as I got back from Rio I asked Brad for a meeting and ask him if I could join the team. I was so happy, honored, and relieved when he said he would be happy to coach me.

The plan is simple: I want to get better and get faster. How am I going to do this? I believe that training with a fast group of guys can help me improve every aspect of my training and racing, resulting in faster times. I also believe that being coached and supervised by one of the best distance coaches in the world -Brad Hudson will improve not only my running, but the way I approach training and racing. I want to improve upon areas I have been weak in the past i.e. cross training, a structured core routine, consistent medical exams/ vitamins, and focus on recovery. All this while living and training at an altitude of 5500ft in Boulder will hopefully make me a better runner.

I understand the process will not be easy. It takes time to get better, but I will enjoy the journey. I love running and everything about it. Now that I have a solid group of guys to train with, my next main goal will be Tokyo 2020.

I am joining Brad and Hudson Elite because I want to be the best I can possibly be. I want to run fast, continue to make teams, break records, and get medals, and I believe this is the best way to do it!!!

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