Go West, Young Man

I was nearing the end of my undergraduate career at UConn and realized that it was actually coming to an end. The normal routine would be to find a summer job, train, and get ready for the next year. Realizing that I was entering the real world, though, I had a more open mindset. After being a student athlete for five years, I knew that I wanted something new and did not want to lock myself down immediately with a job or more school. A high school friend and teammate of mine were in the same mindset so we decided to move to Boulder together without any real plans. I didn’t know what to expect coming out here besides great scenery, great skiing, and a new start. After making the decision, things started to fall into place for me pretty quickly.

My friend and current training partner, Jake, heard I was moving and asked if I was planning on running post-collegiately. I had no real plans to at the time simply because I had no direction, but he put me in touch with Brad and I haven’t looked back since. I was fortunate to have the opportunity and I knew I had to give it a shot.

The transition back into training was difficult to say the least. I was pretty out of shape when I moved here and I also was working with the unfamiliar element of higher elevation. I lived at sea level in Connecticut for my entire life before moving here and I could definitely feel the effects of 5,400 feet my first few weeks here.

From my experiences so far, hills and harder efforts are when you really feel the altitude the most. Running easy on flat trails was never that different feeling, but when you’re working hard you really notice it. Brad was very understanding of this change, though, and has eased me into a higher volume-training program. My experience so far with Hudson Elite has been very enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing where it will take me.

  David (center in blue hudson elite tee) visits Rollinsville to get a real taste of Altitude

David (center in blue hudson elite tee) visits Rollinsville to get a real taste of Altitude