...And Now I'm in Boulder

I had just returned to Colorado after moving to Portland to join a group out there. I was training under a coach named Josh Eberly who had coached me for the last couple months as I finished up my degree at Western State Colorado University of Colorado. I was a part of Denver Track Club and found that being coached by Josh and running for Denver Track Club wasn’t a good mix because the training was different and the club just wasn’t what I was looking for. I remember thinking of clubs that I knew of in Colorado and remembering that Matt Daniels and Paul Yak were on Hudson Elite (two runners that I had competed against in college Matt being in the same conference) and I had heard nothing, but good things about Brad so I decided to apply and see if I could make the club. I didn’t know if my chances were too good because I had had a very up and down college career that resulted in track PR’s that didn’t stand out too well. The time before I was signed was interesting, I remember coming out and running a workout at a practice where just the girls were there and Brad being impressed and that made me feel very good and I thought I had good chances, I also finished 2nd at the Boulder Boulder and that performance impressed him as well. The unfortunate part was shortly after I fractured my ankle. This however did not change the club’s or Brad’s opinion and I was signed by Hudson Elite shortly after getting out of the boot.

The last two months with the club have been awesome! I really enjoy the area and the team that has been assembled here. I find myself getting stronger and stronger as the weeks progress and I really enjoy getting out there and working hard with the guys and find Brad’s style of training to be very fitting for me. I am pleased with the great team around me and the great people on the board and feel like I have found my niche. The team and Brad are very accepting, even though I am constantly calling them to find out how to get places when I get lost driving around the Boulder area. The atmosphere of hard work and humor are exactly what I thrive in and look for even when I am feeling a little off and struggling with aspects of training I know that Brad and my teammates will support me and help me through it. There also is the constant good feeling of Brad driving by with the radio playing as I make my way through a tough workout.

I summarize this post by saying that I look forward to the future and what it has in store for my teammates and myself. This is a great group with a great core of runners in a great place to train and I look forward to getting out there wearing Roscoe’s face on my chest (maybe even showing up to apractice with my future Great Dane).