Moving Back

 My journey with running has led me to some incredible places, allowed me to attend college on scholarship and meet some of my best friends who live all over the US. By far one of the greatest rewards it has brought me is the opportunity to live in Colorado and attend CU Boulder. Out of all the places I have visited, nothing quite seems to match Boulder. I had some pretty good success training with Mark Wetmore and Heather Burroughs and my teammates at CU. I had a blast and it was probably the greatest four years I could have imagined. Once school was finished, I didn’t have a contract so staying in Boulder was a bit unrealistic for me at the time. I left for the New Jersey New York track club, which is run and organized by Frank Gagliano and his assistants, John Trautman and Tommy Nohilly. Gags is a great man on easily one of the greatest and most accomplished US middle distance coaches of all time. I enjoyed my time there and training with some of the best milers in the country allowed me to run a personal best in the mile this indoor season. However, something was missing. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t in Boulder anymore and it was just hard to manage at times. I got in touch with Brad and rekindled our coach and athlete relationship as he helped advise me in the transitional period from Boulder to NJ just last summer. I am so very thankful for Brad to have taken me back and for Addie Bracy to get me back here as well. I am excited to continue training with some of the best coaching, teammates and venues that this country has to offer. I expect to run personal bests from the mile-5000 this year and for our team to run well at Club Cross in Tallahassee, Florida this December. So, in hindsight, re locating back to Boulder sort of saved my career in a way. I wasn’t sure if it was possible but I knew that I didn’t want to keep training unless I was able to do it here. I look forward to re adjusting to altitude, getting back to Magnolia road and running quick races on the West Coast like I did in college. Thanks for reading and I look forward to blogging more in the future!