Nickname: Maggie, Mags, Moogs

Twitter: @the_real_mags
Instagram: maggles928

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
Alma Mater: University of Arizona
Degree: Family Studies & Human Development; psychology

Personal Bests:

  • 3k (indoor) - 9:20
  • 3k Steeple - 10:03
  • Half Marathon - 1:16.56


  • 2011 Pac 10 Steeplechase Champion
  •  Winning my weight in beer twice

Likes: Naps, Sex and the City, dark chocolate covered almonds, books, the sun, my family, LA Dodgers
Dislikes: Meat, University of Oregon, the hill climb, hotels that charge for internet
Hidden Talents: Baking, playing Devil's advocate, math, braiding cornrows
Favorite song: Life motivation: Eli Young Band, Even if it Breaks Your Heart; PUMP UP: Alors on Dance, Stromae & Kanye West; Stay, Rihanna (that music video...)
Favorite Color: I bleed red and blue. I mean, literally, yes, and also figuratively (BearDown)