Brad Hudson's Little Black Book

Brad Hudson’s Little Black Book will revolutionize training for coaches and athletes. Throughout his years of participating in, coaching, and studying the sport, Brad has collected an immense amount of workouts that he is now sharing with you. Composed of 200+ workouts over 164 pages, Brad Hudson’s Little Black Book gives an in depth look to the workouts behind elite athletes and their coaches.

Brad’s Little Black Book contains all the workouts he has created over the years drawing inspiration mainly from Renato Canova, but also from influential coaches such as Jack Daniels, Arthur Lydiard, John Cook, and many others. There is no other resource besides Brad’s Little Black Book that contains a multitude of straightforward workouts specifically designed for 800m runners up to marathoners from a renowned coach. Even better, Brad’s Little Black Book includes descriptions of each of the workouts explaining when and why an athlete should do them given his/her current physical and psychological condition.

This new training book has attracted attention from many people, including Competitor Magazine who recently reviewed the book saying, “[Brad’s Little Black Book] is ideal for high school and collegiate runners, aspiring elites, dedicated age-group runners and all levels of coaches. It offers the “how” and the “why” of workouts that can help you drop your PR at just about any distance” (source).

Jason Hartmann, two-time American winner of the Boston marathon and head coach at Saginaw Valley State University, stated, “[Brad’s Little Black Book] is the most comprehensive book I’ve seen out there compiling run workouts used by the best distance coaches around…complete with examples from steeple specialists to marathoners. A must have…to promote creativity in workout design and prompt innovation to keep athletes engaged and motivated” (source).

Brad’s Little Black Book is packed with information from cover to cover. For an in-depth look at the Little Black Book join us and Flatirons Running, Inc on Friday night (June 10th), where Brad will be holding a question-answer session for anyone who would like to meet the author or preview the book. Free snacks and drinks will be provided! For more information on the event click here.

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