Retaining Resolutions

The New Year usually brings some resolutions, many of which revolve around committing to healthier habits. But by February, many of us have let our resolutions become light suggestions. So to help us all keep our resolutions, we want to put ours in writing for you to see, and share some of our tricks on how we’re staying dedicated to them.

Resolution #1: Be consistent with strides and hill sprints.

Brad has us do a set of strides and a set of hill sprints at least once a week to help prime our neuromuscular system and decrease risk of injury. Since they’re added to the end of aerobic runs, it’s too easy to make excuses to skip them.

Resolution #2: Be consistent with weight training.

We tend to forget that the weight room is just as important as running, making it easy to forget to get weight sessions in.

Resolution #3: Drink more water.

Hydration is key to training and performing at your best. We’re trying to be more conscious of the water we drink.

Resolution #4: Recover!

To come back stronger, recovery is necessary. We are pledging to become more in-tune with our bodies to know when to be more conservative with training. 

Resolution #5: Be increasingly engaged during races.

The “in the zone feeling,” is hard to just turn on. We’re pledging to start practicing getting in the zone.


Resolutions are not easy to keep. Here are our strategies to keeping ours, and some tips on how to keep yours:

1.       We’re using FinalSurge as our home base.

This training tool lets you log your miles, paces, notes, and lets your coach see them too. Even better, it lets you plan your workouts weeks and months in advance. Whatever is written on the schedule for the day, whether it’s a strength session, strides, or a 10 minute meditation to help us get in the zone, seeing the training plan written down helps us stay accountable. FinalSurge will even send you reminders the night before and the morning of your day, so you are consistently reminded of your plans. If you’re at a loss when it comes to writing training for yourself, we recommend hiring a coach (for more information on our coaching service please visit our website here) or asking a friend for ideas.

2.       We’re meeting our teammates.

This is something Brad initiated last year with great success. In the past as a team we only met on workout days and long run days, making it easy to skip strides when no one was looking. Now, however, we’re trying to get together for our aerobic days too so we have people by our side to do strides and hill sprints with.

3.       We are lucky to be working with great strength coaches.

Our strength coaches hold us accountable to getting to the gym multiple times a week, and make it fun by changing up our workouts. If you can’t hire a strength coach, we recommend asking your friends for some new strength workouts or looking some up on YouTube. This will keep you from getting bored at the gym, and looking forward to a new stimulus. A word on caution, though: make sure you do not attempt any lift or exercise that you are not familiar with unless you have someone to show you, to spot you, and make sure your form is correct.

4.       We are monitoring our water intake.

To drink more water, some of our athletes have downloaded the app Plant Nanny. This app calculates the number of glasses you should be drinking per day, and as you drink water, you get to watch your garden grow!

5.       For recovery, we’re becoming familiar with our heart rate.

Every morning before we get out of bed, we jot down what our heart rate is. Once we have an idea of what our average resting heart rate is, if we wake up one day to find that our resting heart rate is significantly higher than normal, we know that our body needs to recover a little more. This means being more conservative on our easy days, or informing our coaches if workouts need to be adjusted.   

Establishing new habits is hard, and no one flawlessly transitions overnight. So be kind to yourself if you slip on your resolutions, and keep in mind that each day is a new opportunity to practice your goals!