This outdoor elliptical bicycle is an innovative training tool which best simulates the benefits of running without impact.  The ElliptiGO is easy to learn, it provides a great running workout, and most importantly, it is a blast to ride.  As our team members strive to reach their highest potential, we know that the biggest secrets to success are staying healthy and building on years of consistent uninterrupted training.  The ElliptiGO allows us to add more aerobic work with less impact, thereby limiting those impact related injuries.  Furthermore, we can achieve a faster recovery between hard workout sessions with this low-impact running.  Finally, we believe this will help us stay better involved with our community by using this outdoor training tool with all of you. Please come out to one of our long runs or other community events for an opportunity to try the ElliptiGO!

Flatirons Running, Inc.

Flatirons Running, Inc is an independently owned specialty running story located in south Boulder. Flatirons Running generously supports our athletes with gear needed to train and race at our maximum capacity. You will be able to find our athletes at many of Flatirons Running’s events either racing or helping out, or at Flatirons' new Run Hub sipping coffee or seeing one of the many health professionals housed there. Keep posted on our social media pages to stay up to date on all the great events coming from this store!

Final Surge


Final Surge is an online training tool that helps Brad distribute training more efficiently and helps our athletes train with more awareness. Final Surge offers a perfect solution to facilitate communication between coach and athlete and compile all your training notes in one place. Features include (but are not limited to):

  •  Phone app for Apple, Android, and Windows phones
  •  Synchronization with Garmin watches
  •  Organized view of planned and actual workouts and weekly totals
  •  Track mileage on your shoes and set alerts to when new shoes should be purchased
  •  Graph options to view duration, distance, and speed on workouts

Interested in using this tool in your own training? Click here and coaches, use the code HTSELITE for 20% off your first purchase!

Rally Sport Health and Fitness Club


Rally Sport Health and Fitness Club provides facilities for our athletes to train optimally all year round. Between their treadmills, pool, strength and conditioning equipment, recovery equipment, and their friendly staff Rally Sport is the perfect place for our athletes to make sure they are taking care of the little things.