We are well aware of how fortunate we are to be able to train in such a beautiful place.  We also realize how fortunate we are to have such a knowledgeable and experienced coach, and hard-working group of athletes.  For both of these reasons, we try to document many of our favorite runs and workouts to share with viewers.  Below you can find a serious of videos highlighting some of the Boulder area’s most well-known runs, where you often find us on our easy run days.  You can also view a video series featuring some of the group’s key workouts in our marathon buildup.  Enjoy.

Highlighted Trails

Hudson Elite frequents Switzerland Trail - better known as Switz - for some high elevation running and unbeatable scenery.

Doudy Draw is one of our favorite runs to do on easy run days. This is just one of the many stunning places to run in the Boulder area. Join Hudson Elite athletes Addie Bracy and Nicole Camp, and our friend Kendra Schaaf for a look into Doudy Draw.

Highlighted Workouts

This workout was done 5..5 weeks out from the CIM marathon. We started with 9 miles easy and went straight into 3 miles of alternating 1 minute "on," one minute "moderate," straight into 6 miles at marathon effort followed by 1 mile "easy" and finished with 3 miles "hard."

Tips and Tricks